Advantages of using Professional Photographers

Why use a Professional Photographer.

The advantages of using Professional Photographers is not always apparent to many businesses. In these days of cheap DSLR cameras many businesses trying to save money try to do their own photography. Unfortunately this can have several unintended consequences. One of the main advantages of using Professional Photographers is that they know how to create stunning images that can help your business to communicate with the outside world. They create top notch photography that show your staff, products or services in the best possible light. Since lots of clients and consumers go to the web before they choose which businesses they’re going to contact having the advantages of using Professional Photographers can be the difference between getting a lead and missing out. If the client is coming to your website and it doesn’t look great, it’s way to easy to just hit the back button and go on to the next search result. High bounce rates can affect not only the number of leads you’re getting but the bounce rate can effect your google ranting, leading to a double whammy of less leads and lower search rankings.

Professional sPhotographer Advantage

Getting the images you need.

Another advantages of using Professional Photographers is that photographers know what images you need. Experienced photographers know what images you’ll need, they’ll make sure that you get the right images. If you’ve trying to do your own photography you’ll miss out on shots that should be included. A professional photographer will know to take many different types of framing of your products or services. It’s different framing for different media. If you’re primarily a web business, the photographer will know that you’ll need wide images because computer monitors are landscape format . But when shooting for print, magazines are portrait rotation, the advantages of using Professional Photographers is that you’ll get images that are right for the intended use. Profession photographer know what images you’ll need because they’ve done photography for many years and experience can’t be easily replicated.

Professional Photographer Advantage

The free marketing machine.

Social sharing is the biggest free marketing you can get. When using social media the advantages of using Professional Photographers are never more apparent. If you visit to Pinterest, Digg, Stumbleupon or Facebook, you’ll know that the images and products which are liked and shared are the ones with stunning images. If you’re failing to get traction in the social sphere then you might need to take a look at the images you are using. Ask yourself are they really up to the standard of the competition. Are they really as good as the ones you see shared, pinned and liked a lot on the social sites. Clients of ours are always telling us that the images we create for them get shared a lot on social media.


Quality counts.

If you’re a small business or a start up then doing your own photography can be attractive. How hard can it be? You can look through a viewfinder and press the shutter button. Of course there’s much more to being a professional photographer than that. Most professional photographers are able to think in pictures, the image is visualised, and then created. A camera isn’t a machine gun to take hundreds of pictures and pick the best ones. It’s a tool to capture light and to create an image. First you have to know what you want the image to look like and then you set up the lighting and shoot from the angel that look best. Good photographers know what the final image is going to look like before they even pick up the camera. You can’t create something great if you don’t know what it is that you’re trying to create. That’s the advantage of using a Professional Photographer.

Advantage Using Professional Photographer

Cost of Professional Photographers

How can their be cost advantages of using Professional Photographers when you can buy a digital camera for $300? Well the real reason is that to create great looking images like those that professional photographer do, you’ll need a bit more gear. The cost of the gear we use on a typical photoshoot is closer $30,000. The simple fact is that unless you’re a professional photographer, the cost of gear needed to get competitive images is well out of reach to most businesses. Let alone the time that is need to master the use of the equipment. Often is cheaper to outsource work to allow you to concentrate on the things in your business that actually drive sales. Wasting days trying to get good photographs, is the same as wasting money. The advantage of using a Professional Photographer is that it’ll only take them an hour to do what for you could take days.

Creating your brand

Using a professional photographer can help build your brand. If you’re in a marketplace competing against the big boys, great imagery allows you to appear as big as they are. When people are visiting your website, they have no idea of how big your company is. The advantages of using Professional Photographers is that can make you company seem as big as the biggest company. If you’re producing great quality handbags then you’ll need them to look as good as the Hermes handbags do. A photographer can make your product photography look just the same as the biggest companies in the world. With the help of a photographer you can brand your company right.

advantages of using Professional Photographers

  • Look professional.
  • Have your own branding.
  • Be seen as bigger than you are.
  • Get seen on social media.
  • Have exclusive images.
  • Low cost.
  • Save time.
  • Quality Re-Touching
  • Concentrate on sales.

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