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Beautiful Bottle Photography

Part of our product photographer service is bottle photography. We can take pictures of all kinds of bottles. Alcoholic beverages are a speciality.  When photographing alcoholic beverage bottles we make sure that we apply the same level of detail and expertise as we do to all our photographs. We make sure that we get supplied with a great example of the item so it comes out really well. Then we shoot the bottle in our specially constructed bottle photography set. The set is constructed in such a way as to make the bottle come out in a beautiful three dimensional rendering.. We photograph it so that you can clearly see that it’s a rounded object.
Bottle Photography | Brisbane Photographer
When lighting our Brisbane bottle photography we make sure that the resulting image is symmetrical. Our Canon cameras take detailed high resolution images. The Bottle Photography images are suitable for all uses web, print or other types of traditional and modern types of media. We retouch any blemishes and cut it out using the pen tool in Adobe Photoshop. This allows us to insert any background that the client wishes. We can even leave the background transparent which is great for compositing images later. We can do graduated background as well as plain backgrounds or place the bottle in complex natural backgrounds.
Wine Bottle Photography | Brisbane Photographer

What Kinds of Bottles can we photograph

  • Beer Bottles
  • Wine Bottles
  • Whiskey Bottles
  • Vodka Bottles
  • Make Up Bottles
  • Cleaning Product Bottles
  • Olive Oil Bottles

We can in fact photograph any kind of bottle that you either manufacture or sell. The process of photographing them is all the same. It’s only the shapes that are different. If you are looking for a product photographer who can make your bottled products look as great as they possibly can why not send us a message or give us a call and find out how affordable we are.

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