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Mens Tan Brogues Shoes Photography

Beautiful tan brogues shoe photography by ML Photographer. These shoes were photographed on a neutral tile background. The shoe photography lighting was  done with a snooted Profoto B1 and another Profoto B1 with a large softbox. The lighting helps to bring attention to the Brogues shoes. The lighting is colour correct so not as to confuse customers when they are purchase the shoes. The brogues shoes have a lot of detail and detail shots were taken to show all the various sections of the shoes that would be of interest to customers. Tan brogues go well with many different types of mens fashion. The can be dressed up with a classic suit or dressed down with jeans or chinos for a relaxed casual look.

Brogues Shoes, Brisbane Photographers, Product Photography

This Brisbane shoe photography is a little different from the usual plain white background used in most web stores. It can be used as top of page banners for an intro section to Mens Brogues Shoes for example. The images aren’t over sharpened as you often see in shoe photography as that tends to bring out some of the unwanted details. It also make the shoes look soft, which is good for brogues as they tend to be a less formal style of shoes. If you were shooting black work Oxford shoes for example, you’d sharpen the images up a lot more. These brogues were shot in a US size 10 or a size 9 as it’s sized in the UK, Australia and New Zealand. Shoes are usually designed in this size so they have a good balance of features that you wouldn’t get on a smaller or larger size.

Tan Brogues Shoes, Brisbane Photographers, Product Photography

Features of this Shoe Photography

  • Colour correct lighting
  • Detail shots
  • Soft Lighting
  • Snoot used for spotlight effect
  • Shot using Profoto B1 Lighting
  • Natural coloured background

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Close up Brogues Shoes, Brisbane Photographers, Product Photography

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