Corporate Headshots

Outstanding Corporate Headshots

High quality Corporate Headshots are an important part of modern business. In the new media world of social sharing your Corporate Headshots are one of the first interactions clients have with your business. Our Photographer is an expert at the Corporate Headshot. We work with our clients producing excellent images that they can use in Linkedin profiles, on the staff page of corporate websites and other social media sharing sites. It’s important that your Business Headshots represent you in the best possible light. This is true both literally as in well lit but also metaphorically.

Business Headshot
Business Headshot

What makes a good Business Headshot

A great Business Headshot needs to convey a number of things. They need to great across to the viewer that that person who the headshot is of is good at their job. Our Corporate Headshots do this in a number of ways. We always use pure white backgrounds in our Headshots. The reason we do this is convey to the viewer that the subject is bright and alert. Dark and moody is appropriate for other type of Business portraiture but headshot should always be on a white background. White backgrounds also mean that they can be used for a wide variety of uses. White backgrounds convert well to monochrome. We’re not the only people who say that headshots should be done on white. A good Corporate portrait should be shot with the subject straight on to the camera. This is done to create the impression that the subject is straight forward and honest. We don’t want you looking aloof or distant. We create our headshots so that you look professional.

Corporate Headshot
Corporate Headshot

Why our headshot are superior

There is major reasons our Corporate Headshots are superior to the competitions. We go for consistency. We shoot our headshot only in one way, the way you see in the images on this page. Years of experience in shooting Business Headshots has allowed us it refine the art of the headshot. When we do the photoshoot we know how to direct the subject. We’re not taking about in some vague arty way here, we’re taking about head positioning down to the millimetre. Those millimetres count and are the difference between our Corporate Headshots and the other you’ll see on the web. This means you know what you’re going to get when you book our Business Headshots. You know our method isn’t some hit or miss affair. It produces stunning portraits every time. Consistency also means that every time you book us you’ll get the same. It’s important that all the images you use have consistency, I’m sure you expect your staff to consistently delivery high quality work for clients. We deliver consistent images to our clients.

Corporate Headshots
Corporate Headshots

What we do on the day

On the day of your headshot shoot we turn up a bit early to set up. We bring our portable studio. We set up our lighting and we’re ready to go. We shoot the subjects one by one. It only takes us about 5 minutes per person to get the Corporate Headshots we need. We work with the subject showing them the photos as we shoot. We explain what we’re doing and why we’re doing it. We give strong direction so the subject just has to follow our direction and they can see the results as we shoot. We work with the subject to get the best result, they’re included in the process. When we have got a shot we’re both happy with then we’re complete.

Business Headshots
Business Headshots

Why is our Corporate headshot method better for you?

We shoot our Corporate headshots until the subject is happy with one on the shots. If you’re organising the shoot, that means we are able to deliver that shot to you, full re-touched and ready to use. You don’t have to wade through the photos trying to pick the best ones. It’s already done. There’s no need to wait for your staff to pick the photo and get back to you. No chasing up staff for the portrait they like. We cut the time on the back end, for you. We of course provide all the images we take so it one of your staff change their mind they can just pick another. You just let us know that somebody changed their mind and we’ll re-touch the new one they pick. This is included in the cost.

We make your life easy if you’re the one organising the photoshoot and dealing with the Corporate Headshots afterwards.

Everything included

  • We can come to you.
  • We use professional studio lighting.
  • We get the staff to pick the photo they like on the day
  • We are friendly.
  • Re-touching is included.
  • We cut out the backgrounds for pure white.
  • We deliver the images quickly.
  • We use custom tonal curves for great skin tones
  • Perfect lighting
  • Many uses

We’re confident that we’re producing the best Corporate Headshots in Australia.

When you’re ready to get your photoshoot underway either give us a call or use our contact page.

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