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Outdoor Dog Photography

This is a Dog Photography shoot that our Brisbane Photographer completed. The photo shoot was done for a dog accessory company Ruffwear. It was shot in the Brisbane area in the Australian bush. The location was chosen because Ruffler make outdoors equipment for dogs. The dog chosen was the classic Australian dog the Australian Kelpie. The dog was super obedient and a joy to shoot. Who said working with animals was difficult. It’s not when you use the world’s smartest dog breed. The dog was happy to run up and down the trails for the dog photography a lot of times and was having a ball.

Brisbane Pet Photographer

Our Dog Photographer we used natural light as getting the studio equipment to a good location was rather difficult. This was due to the weight of the high quality lighting and the distance from the road. We had to go out twice, the first time it rained so the dog photography was cancelled due the the leaches attacking us and the poor light. The second time was an overcast day which was perfect as you don’t want any harsh shadows because of the light coming through the trees. The other difficulty was the black dog as they are notoriously difficult to shoot as the black tend to block up. This photos from this shoot wear used for advertisements in the Australia trail running bible Trailrunmag. The Australian Kelpie  loved the gear as you can tell from these photographs.

Dog Photography Brisbane

Features of our Dog Photography

  • Outdoor location shoot
  • Natural light photography
  • Commercial Photographer
  • High quality Brisbane Photographer
  • Shallow depth of field to isolate the subject
  • Perfect Exposure
  • Images ready for print in magazine

Pet Photographer Brisbane

Look how sweet this dog was, too cute.

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