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Detailed Electronics Photography

High quality Electronics Photography is a speciality service that we provide. Our Brisbane Photographer can photograph all kinds of electrical and electronic products. It doesn’t matter wether you sell high end speakers and other hi-fi gear or helicopter gunship aiming systems, we’ve photographed it all. Our Electronics Photography it highly detailed so that you can use it any way you want. We can do it in house or come to you and shoot it on site if the items are large or of a sensitive nature. We can bring our portable studio and produce the same great studio quality Electronics Photographs as we can do in house. Electronics are one of the things we like to photograph, because we’re gear heads at heart. What photographer isn’t a gear head, we love all kinds of electrical gear.

Brisbane Electronics Photos

Electronic Photographer Details

We know how to set up the Electronics Photography so that they look fantastic. We can light all the detail surfaces to give them shape and detail. Metal surfaces come out looking shiny and new. Small comments are shown in incredible detail so individual components are easily identifiable. Glass surfaces have a beautiful reflective quality. All curved surfaces that our electronics photographer shoots have a great light fall off. We can put screens shots in where they should so that displays look natural and can feature branding if you want to supply images. Cameras and other small electronics like phones are an Electronics Photography speciality.

Brisbane Electronics Photographer

What kind of Electronics can we shoot?

  • Cameras
  • Speakers
  • Amplifiers
  • Toasters
  • Kitchen Equipment
  • Electrical Tools
  • Coffee machines
  • Computers
  • Shavers
  • iPads
  • Ovens
  • Extractor Fans
  • Televisions
  • Boat Equipment
  • GPS units

Our Brisbane Electronics Photographer can photograph any kind of electrical equipment that you make or sell. So to get started with us all you have to do is either give us a call or click on the link below and we can fire you off a quote. Have a look on our product photographer page to see other examples of our work.

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