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Superb Flat Lay Photography Brisbane

Flat lay photography is used for clothing and other flat items. It’s a style of photography that makes the items really stand out and allows the client or customer to see the shape and detail in the item. It also useful for supplying to magazines and other media outlets for editorial. Flat lay photography is also great to use in web stores. Because it has a plain background it make the product pop right off the screen. It’s really come back into style with sites like pinterest featuring lots of flat lays. It’s incredibly cost effective as well, no models or locations are needed.
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Here at ML Photographer we know how to make flat lay photography look exceptional. The key is to use high quality professional lighting from a big light source. We make sure that the lighting gives a really flay look to the clothing. To make the backgrounds pure white we cut the images out with a clipping path in Adobe Photoshop. This means that we get super clean edges. Some photographers just use masking for flat lay but that leads to fluffy edges, not so good when you want a really clean look. We know how to position the clothing on the surface so the flat lay photography Brisbane looks great. Most clients want their flat lays in a square format as this is best for web stores. We make sure that the positioning allows for this.
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Why choose our Brisbane Flat Lay Photography

  • High resolution print ready images.
  • Low resolution images for web stores or social media.
  • Professional lighting.
  • Great layouts.
  • Cost effective
  • Quick turnaround.
  • Digital delivery of the images.
  • Cut with clipping path.
  • Any colour background you want.

So if you’re in need of Flat Lay Photography Brisbane, why no give us a call or drop us an email.


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