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Top End Jewellery Photography

Our Jewellery Photographer Brisbane is capable of producing jewellery images of the highest quality. We know how to photograph all kinds of jewellery. Top end high quality rings are a speciality. Jewellery photography is one of the most technical type of photography and a challenge for most photographers. This is because jewels are both irregular in shape and both reflective and refractive. The metal materials act like mirrors so all the reflections have to be controlled. But at the same time the jewels are refractive and need to have scattered light to look good.

Jewellery Photographer Brisbane


Getting that clean top end look

We achieve this beautiful look by using every trick in the photographer arsenal. We get the Jewellery Photographers Brisbane to light the item with perfect light to show off all the features with lighting to bring out the shapes. We use a separate light to set off the highlights in the jewels. Then we photograph the jewellery with our Canon camera. We take about 20 shots and combine them to give maximum sharpness across the whole piece of jewellery. This results in images with lots more sharpness and detail that could be captured with one shot alone. Finally we set to work on the computer and retouch and colour correct the images. The Jewellery Photographer is an expert at capturing jewellery photos that show off your products to customers like diamond wholesaler, Map Diamonds.



Brisbane Jewellery Photographer

What Jewellery Photographer Brisbane can shoot

Our Jewellery Photographer Brisbane can photograph all kinds of jewellery. It doesn’t matter wether you are a high end retailer or a small start up web retailer. We can cater our services to all types of businesses. You’ll have to contact us for pricing as there’s such a wide variety of jewellery that the Jewellery Photographer Brisbane can shoot. So if you’re in need of specialist product photography, we’re your go to company.

We can do

  • Engagement Ring Photography
  • Wedding Ring Photography
  • Wooden Jewellery Photography
  • Antique Jewellery Photography
  • Bracelet Photography
  • Necklace Photography

The jewellery photography we do is a class above what other photographers in Brisbane can achieve. It takes an eye for detail as well as technical skills to successfully photograph jewellery and capture the natural beauty of diamonds and gold.

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