Packaging Photographer Brisbane

We shoot all kinds of Packaging

Helping business with their Packaging Photographer Brisbane is one type of image creation we do. We can photograph all type of packaging. The images we create for our clients are always beautifully lit.

Spectacular product lighting is one of the skills that we’ve mastered. Good clean lines are super important in packaging photography. Our packaging photographer Brisbane can ensure that your items come out looking much better than they do in real life. This is because we know how to bring out the three dimensional nature of object when presented in a two dimensional photograph. Transparent surface are a speciality. We ensure that there’s light coming through the packaging so that it looks great and you can see the colours. We can also make labels of any kind look good at the same time by making sure that the product photography lit from the front correctly. We get even colour and texture in the packaging photography that we do.


Brisbane Packaging Photographer

High Resolution Packaging Photographer Brisbane

The images are also shot in high resolution using the latest camera gear. Shooting in high resolution produces great photos with all the detail you need. The resulting packaging photography images can be used for print or electronic media. There’s enough resolution in our Packaging Photographer Brisbane images for use on pull up banners and the like..

We also provide images in the formats you need. We do deep etching the correct way. The images are cut out with the pen tool in photoshop so you get perfect clean edges. This makes the products look super clean. We mop up any dust and scratches as well. We can provide the images on black, white or transparent backgrounds. Transparent backgrounds are ready for your graphic designers to use in advertising straight away. Saving you time and money.


Packaging Photographer Brisbane Bottles


What kings of packaging can we shoot

  • Cosmetics
  • Make Up
  • Conditioner
  • Food Packaging
  • Electrical product packaging
  • Alcoholic Beverages
  • Homewares
  • Glasses
  • Sunglasses
  • Jewellery
  • Small goods
  • Leather products

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Cost of our Packaging Photography

We quote by the job for our Packaging Photographer Brisbane clients. Every type of packaging is different and all products are different. Some have shiny reflective surfaces and some have matt natural surfaces. The work involved can vary so much. But we know that Packaging Photographer Brisbane prices are super competitive and for the super high quality we produce we’re probably the cheapest photographers in the country. We can do volume discounting to help bigger customers or if you’ve got products coming to market all the time.
Packaging Photography Brisbane

The images on this page were photographed for Mayo International, a supplier of top end hair products to boutiques and hair salons around Australia. The used the photography in poster sized media and on their websites. We provided packaging photography that was ready for them to use after digital delivery of the images.