Party Photographer Hire Brisbane

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When you are next organising a party why not try our Party Photographer Hire Brisbane. We can come to your event and make sure that you have it captured by our professional photographer. We’ll make sure that we get the important photographs that you’ll treasure forever. Afterwards you can post them on Facebook or any other social media site. The photos we take are also of large size print quality. The images will be outstanding. We don’t miss the important speeches and you can just enjoy your event. So try out our Party Photographer Hire Brisbane and enjoy your event knowing it’s in safe hands.

Party Photographer Hire Brisbane


What kinds of events do we cover

We can do any kind of event. Wether you’re having an 1st, 5th, 8th, 18th, 40th, 60th, or 80th our party photographer can come along and do your photography for you. We’re experts and doing kids parties, which is a great way to get professional photographs of your kids when they’ll be really enjoying themselves. We can come to teenagers parties, arrive early, and be able to get formal photographs of you and your family at the same time. Our Party Photographer Hire Brisbane is a great way to get photos of the event itself and more formal family photographs done at the same time. This makes it extremely cost effective.

Brisbane Party Photography Hire

Make your event feel like the red carpet

If you’re having a party we’re able to set up at the entrance and photograph all the guests as they arrive, using our portable studio. Just like the walking the red carpet, we can even do the manicam and all the other bit you see on TV. This is great for 30th’s 40th’s or 60th’s. Afterwards you can share the photos with your guests, which is an excellent way of thanking them for going to all the effort of dressing up for you. This is a great way to use Party Photographer Hire Brisbane. Your guests don’t have to be movie stars, but we’ll make them feel like one. After our party photographer has done the entry photography, he’ll walk around and get all the great reportage style shots of everybody enjoying themselves.


Brisbane Party Photographer Hire

we’re super affordable

Well we know it’s hard to believe. We mostly do 1 hour packages. This is enough time to get the formal entry photographs and reportage style of everyone enjoying themselves. You get all the images, via digital download so you get them quickly. You get the same exceptional photography standards that you see on this site. Because we are also experts at formal photography we can get those family photos that you’ve always wanted but kind of never got around to actually doing.

Party Photographer Hire Brisbane can cover

  • Birthday parties.
  • Engagement parties.
  • Cocktail parties.
  • Teenagers parties.
  • Themed parties.
  • Formal parties.

We can throw in family photography, formal photographs and probably any other kind of photography you need on the day.

Contact us to find out how super affordable Party Photographer Hire Brisbane is and make you next event one to remember

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