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Here at Product Photography Sunshine Coast we recently completed a photography assignment for Tula Naturals. We had to reshoot all their website photography. The owners wanted a nice bright natural looking but very slick look. They had originally shot their products in a garden to get the natural plant look. Unfortunately this didn’t work out the way they wanted and just ended up looking amateurish and not slick enough. They approached us to reshoot the items in a modern slick look but with greenery.

We applied our knowledge and came up with a look that both showed the product in a great studio lit way with clean edges and lots of detail. But Product Photography Sunshine Coast then we put grass behind it on a ledge to give the greenery look they were after. It’s a totally unique look which allows their Product Photography Sunshine Coast to make their items stand out from the competitions.

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Booking Product Photography Sunshine Coast

It’s easy to get your Product Photography Sunshine Coast started. Just give us a call or email. Let us know what you need shot in as much detail as possible. We’ll prepare a quote and give advise on thing that you may have not considered. If you have images you’ve seen that you’d like a similar look to send us the examples. We’ll provide a quote for your Product Photography Sunshine Coast. We can give you delivery dates closer to the time of the shoot. Usually we can turnaround photography in 72 hours.
You can either send the items to us or if it’s a lot of items or large items, we can bring our product photography studio to you on the Sunshine Coast.
When the job has been photographed we do all the post processing, retouching and deep etching. We provide digital files with whatever background you’re after. If you provide a background we can put the photos on a provided background in Adobe Photoshop. We can also provide Product Photography Sunshine Coast in white,black or transparent backgrounds. Transparent backgrounds are ideal for drag and drop graphic design.

Drop us a line and get a quote for your next Product Photography Sunshine Coast job.