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High Quality Product Photography

Product Photography is an art. The art of making images of items that make them look as good as they do in real life. Our Brisbane Product Photographer know s how to use light as a tool to make products look fantastic. The way the light hits the product and the reflections and diffractions all need to be controlled. This can be relatively easy for a florescent product but incredibly hard for items with reflective surfaces like glass or chrome. This is because the selective surfaces show everything that’s reflected in them. We know how to control reflections so you don’t see thing in the image that you shouldn’t. We also know how to highlight the edges of products so transparent surface you can see through have shape.

Product Photography

Why is superb product photography important

It’s really important to have great photography if you want to sell products. It lets you convey the quality of what you are selling to your customers. It also shows all the details and features of the products. This allows you to differentiate what your company sell from the competition. When customers are choosing what to buy the way it looks in the photos is a major deciding factor in what they’re going to purchase. Nobody whats to buy something that looks anything less than perfect. Using our expertise in product photography lets you have a competitive advantage for your business. Our knowledge of how to make stunning images is the cornerstone of our photographer’s business.

Product Photography Brisbane

What can you use our product photography for

Our product photographs have a great deal of uses. You can use them in websites for banners, or in web stores or on the front page to create the right first impression with your customers.  You can use the images on brochures or pull up banners for trade shows. you can, of course, use them in any of the traditional print media, like magazines or on commercials.

Use our product photographs to communicate with your customers how great what you’re selling is.

Brisbane Product Photography

Why choose us

  • Detailed high resolution images.
  • We can come to you with our portable studio.
  • Quick turnaround of images.
  • Includes clipped backgrounds.
  • Digital delivery of photographs.
  • Deep etching for transparent backgrounds.
  • We use state of the art Profoto lighting.
  • Expert retouching.
  • Super affordable prices.

Sunshine Coast Product Photography

We can come to you

All of our equipment is portable so chances are we can come to you. This isn’t always the case as some product need to be shot in controlled black or white rooms, but majority of products can be shot on site. This saves you time and you can see how we work.

Contact us to find out how our affordable product photography can help you. Make sure you include as much detail about what you need photographed as possible. Make sure to mention and reflective surfaces and the like.

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