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High Resolution Shoe Photographer

Here at Shoe Photographer Brisbane we recently completed a job for a client who retails shoes. The photography was for use in their advertising. They were going to use the photographs for their website as well as in their brochure. The images had to make the shoes look of the highest quality. In addition they had to be of a good resolution for the print media. They images were shot on a white background for a neutral colour and then they were clipped using the pen too in Adobe photoshop so they could be supplied in PNG format with transparent backgrounds. The PNG format they were delivered in was small in size but the Shoe Photography Brisbane images didn’t loose any detail.
Brisbane Shoe Photographer
After the Shoe Photography was clipped we then added a nice drop shadow so as to give them a feeling of weight. We know that this is important otherwise the shoe photos just appear to float in space and can look a bit unnatural. They images of the shoes were colour correct as the end customer has to know the exact colour of the shoe. This helps the client to minimise returns and gives them the confidence to say that the shoes are exactly as pictured. Customers buying anything on the internet need to know that the product arrives in the mail or by courier is exactly what they ordered. Our Brisbane Photographer makes sure that the shoe photographs accurately portray the product. This is important in all types of product photography.
Shoe Photographer

Features of our Shoe Photography in Brisbane

  • Detailed images of the Shoes.
  • Colour correct.
  • High res for print.
  • Low res for web.
  • Drop shadows added to Shoe Photography.
  • PNG file with transparent background.
  • Quick turnaround of images.

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